Benefits of Using Nootropics

511xpbn53glSmart drugs represent the new concept for improving the activity of the brain and enhance different functions. Everybody knows that generic drugs give addiction, but the smart drugs, also known as nootropics are just supplements or different substances designed for boosting the already existing capacity of the mind and the brain.

The nootropics are a new class of pharmaceuticals and supplements, but not everything that is on the market has proven to be effective. Some of the smart drugs have an old history of use, like the Piracetam – over 40 years since it appeared, while others that are newer have not been so thoroughly studied.

Many of the smart drugs have emerged initially as pharmaceuticals or medication for different illnesses, like the Piracetam, which was used for headaches or severe migraines. Today, the nootropics are extremely safe for short term usage, and they also offer plenty of benefits for neural functioning and brain health.

Increased Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is an umbrella term, and it means that the brain can suffer changes throughout the life course of the individual. Different nootropics can improve this function, and we can note here the Aniracetam, the Piracetam, Noopept or Pramiracetam. It’s something that the brain training industry is very fond of, especially in the last period.

The nootropics will improve the synapse between your neurons. The brain is made of milliards of cells, called neurons, and they interconnect through neurites. The connections between neurons made through neurites are enhanced with the help of smart drugs, offering improved synapses, better memory and lots of other things.

Prevents Brain Aging

chgxzdnzIt’s a fact that young people can learn quicker. When you are young, the brain can adapt and form millions of new connections (synapses) every day. With age, the pathways for those available connections will be lost, determining you to forget things.

As you certainly know, the result is that with age, you’ll have a harder time learning something new and the memory capacity will decrease. With the help of nootropics, you can reverse or even reduce the decline in plasticity. It will help your brain form new connections and stay active for a longer period.

Scientists discovered that the smart drugs would enhance the synaptogenesis – the formation of new synapses in your brain.

Learning, Cognition, and Intelligence

Everyone would love to take a pill and be smarter and better in more than just one way. However, the nootropics will act on improving the intelligence and cognitive abilities. It won’t give you an instant boost of intelligence, but it will improve the capacity to understand, learn, reason and perform calculations.

how-do-nootropics-work-289x300The supplements that can improve the functions of the brains are preferred by students or people who work a lot and have a tight schedule every day. Many of the nootropics that are available on the market will help the communication between the hemispheres of the brain, and this will lead to verbal fluency, increased creativity, and enhanced problem-solving capacity.

The best that specialists recommend are the smart drugs from the Racetam family, like the Piracetam, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam and the newer Noopept.

Improved Memory

While getting a boost of energy is merely enough, there is also another benefit of using nootropics. We’re talking about an improved memory for those that are taking smart drugs. These supplements will increase the functions that are related to the memory – the memory formation, the short-term working memory and the long term recall.

The brain has a particular function – the long-term potentiation, and through it, you can create and maintain your memory (along with memories). The nootropics will help you remember easier and increase the memory function of the brain.

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