Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Alpha lipoic acid is becoming popular in the world of supplements. This natural anti-oxidant has been known for different uses. It has been used by patients suffering from diabetes to individuals who plan on preventing cardiovascular conditions.

But before anything else, what exactly is alpha lipoic acid or ALA? It is a compound that can be produced in the body. It has many vital functions on cellular level. It plays a role in energy production and many other body functions. As long as you are healthy, your body is going to produce ALA.

Alpha lipoic acid can be seen in foods sources from yeast to organ meat. So what are the benefits of taking alpha lipoic acid?

Helps patients with type 2 diabetes

There are two ways patients benefit from ALA when they are dealing with type 2 diabetes. There are studies that suggest ALA can actually enhance the body’s ability to use its own insulin. It is also said that ALA can help patients deal with the possibility of nerve damage. And this isn’t surprising considering how alpha lipoic acid has been used in order to treat discomforts caused by diabetes neuropathy.

Possibility of stopping HIV

HIV is a serious problem that individuals deal with worldwide. According to experts, alpha lipoic acid has the potential of stopping the progression of HIV. According to studies, ALA has antioxidant properties. What it does is help regenerate vitamins C and vitamin E.

Fights against signs aging

It is also believed that alpha lipoic acid can help the activity of other antioxidants that are known to help fight infection including coenzyme Q10 and glutathione. These are antioxidants that are also known for their anti-aging properties.

Weight loss

Another reason to take alpha lipoic acid is its ability to help individuals lose weight. There are studies that have suggested that alpha lipoic acid has the property to decrease the waistline of individuals along with weight loss.

Muscle regeneration

Alpha lipoic acid is also an interesting supplement that can be used as a post-workout supplement. What it does is help the body repair its muscles. What it does is reduce the oxidative damage that is received by the muscles.

Alpha lipoic acid is an interesting supplement that you can use for your daily activities. The problem with alpha lipoic acid is that meals may not be able to significantly raise its level in your body. Instead, you will have no other choice but to choose supplements that contain ALA.


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