8 Reasons for Using Nootropics

When people hear about smart drugs, they might consider that these are just like the generic drugs. It’s true that it offers enhancements, but not in the way you might think. Let’s see what the smart drugs are and some reasons for using nootropics.

What Are Nootropics

what-are-nootropics-762x360The smart drugs or the Nootropics are substances developed for improving the functions of the brain and for enhancing intelligence. However, the nootropics have more effects than just making you smarter. Scientists have discovered that using them for a longer term, the smart drugs can affect your whole organism in more than just one way.

The Brain Plasticity

The neuroplasticity represents the capacity of the brain to learn new things like languages, new skills or memories. The neuroplasticity also allows people to make new friends, adapt to stressful situations or recover from brain trauma.

Prevents Aging of the Brain

Everyone ages and in some cases, the brain will be the first one that shows aging signs. The aging is caused by oxidative stress, and different brain conditions can appear because of it, like dementia, post-stroke aphasia or Alzheimer’s disease.  The nootropics provide protection for the brain cells – the neurons and can keep the brain young and healthy. Some of the smart drugs that can help out in this situation include Bacopa, niacin, piracetam or other substances.

Prevents Psychological Disorders

smart-nootropicsAnxiety, depression, and even schizophrenia can be now prevented, treated and sometimes cured by using different nootropics. The substances that can help with this are the DMAE, Bacopa, piracetam, DHA, aniracetam and many others.

Prevents and Fights Cancer

Cancer is caused by free radicals that can become cancerous in the long run. There are different nootropic agents that specialists recommend for preventing and treating cancer, like the vitamin C combined with niacinamide. This combination is used for cancer prevention, while the vitamin D is used for tumor angiogenesis prevention. The white tea extract is recommended for fighting against cancer lung, while the green tea is a potent anti-cancer agent.

Preventing Obesity

Many substances used in nootropics will help prevent obesity. The drugs like the green tea, the alpha GPC or the 5-HTP can fight obesity. The nootropics are for increasing the body energy or blocking different chemicals that encourage people to overeat. Other smart drugs will act as lipolysis inducers – it means that the fats are broken down for preventing them from accumulating in the organism.


nootropicsThe nootropics promote creativity, no matter if you need fresh ideas for a paper or work. They help you in enhancing your focus, writing dexterity and creativity. For getting these effects, you might want to try the green tea extract, the piracetam or the L-theanine.


Many of the smart drugs are for providing the levels of important neurotransmitters. These will help you have an excellent mind and body coordination, as the messages will be faster and more accurate.

Apart from this, the nootropics will also increase the chemicals in your brain, by promoting creativity, the focus and the confidence. It’s something that helps everyone and all you have to do is find the one nootropic that offers you the right type of effect.

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